BitQ provides worldwide customers with trusted and accessible one-stop crypto mining services. We have expanded our global footprint with businesses in the United States, Singapore, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, and Canada.At BitQ we take a holistic approach to crypto mining that integrates miner operations, maintenance services, and supply chain management. We used to manage mining sites with a total power capacity of up to 500MW and have maintained over 100,000 crypto miners of various types.Our experience and expertise in maintenance help miners of various types reach their full potential. This core competency has earned us a strong reputation within the industry.

Mining Farm

POLY Mining

The site is located in Gobi, Mongolia, the temperature is always low, is very suitable for machine operation environment, flat terrain, convenient logistics, storage security, and professional maintenance point, power network stability; Operation and maintenance personnel are composed of Chinese and local personnel; no deposit, pre-payment of electricity charges 1 month.

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BTCIM Mining

BTCIM mine 11 advantages: 1. Infrastructure was improved. 2. Enough stable electricity. 3. Professional Operation Personnel. Four. Police security protection. 5. High-speed fiber optic network. 6. Ready-made container terminals. Seven. The advantage stabilizes the electricity price. 8. Safe Transport Declaration. 9. Professional equipment maintenance. Ten. Guarantee of stable operation. Eleven. Full-time monitoring of power supply.


With the World 500 large state-owned enterprises, the site is located in Vientiane, Laos, convenient transportation, total electricity capacity of 100 MW, with local legal license and EPC power license, access to the Lao National Grid Power, can guarantee 99% of the time electricity stability. Can provide machinery import and export services. Local political stability, legislative support. Has 5 years of operation and maintenance experience team in charge of operation and maintenance work, also support customer self-assigned operation and maintenance, can provide quarters.

XINHA Mining

Xinha mining is a joint venture between China and Kazakhstan, located in the outskirts of Almaty, has been granted a license to operate in Kazakhstan. Thermal power generation, stable supply, power supply in September this year, the first phase of power load up to 50,000 kW, can accommodate 12,000 mining machines. Sinha mining will be fully open to Chinese miners, provide hosting services, and assist in international logistics and customs clearance services.

ANKR Mining

ANKR Mining is building mines with more than 100 megabytes of capacity that host mainstream bitcoin and ether Mining machines. Mine includes container mine and Turnkey plant mine. The hosting service covers all aspects of international logistics, power supply, design, construction and operation. Has successfully achieved 1 month fast on-board boot. In terms of power and land use, the mine chooses to enter into long-term power supply contracts directly with the North n regional power grid. Communicate with the local government and landowners to buy or lease the Land tenure near the substation for a period of more than five years to ensure the long-term stable operation of the mine.

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